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Board Nominees for 2024/2025

Mandi photo.jpg

Mandi Anderson


Billing Specialist

Lakehead Constructors, Inc.

What goals do you have for our chapter? Having time as a member of the board, I am so honored to be surrounded by such smart, successful women. I have grown and continue to grow both as a member and director. My goal continues to get our NAWIC name out in the community and surrounding areas to expand our membership.


What do you do in your spare time? Life is busy! We are a blended family with a total of six kids-4 boys (4,7,8 &13) and 2 girls (26 & 28) and beautiful grandchildren sprinkled in as well! Our four boys keep us busy! Between soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey- that leaves little time to spare! Lake Superior is one of my favorite spots, specifically Brighton Beach. I love to take hikes if I do not see any snakes- I am good! 


Who is the most influential woman in your life & why? My mom, my best friend. She has taught me to become a strong, independent woman. She is selfless, strong and her support continues to help me grow daily. 


What is your favorite building or structure in the Twin Ports/Iron Range Area? Enger Tower- the view never gets old! 

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